Telehealth and Virtual Services

When the COVID-19 outbreak first hit New York City, we had to quickly find an alternative way to deliver high quality services. We took a cue from disabled communities who have been utilizing Telehealth for years. We were nervous that we wouldn’t be able to make it work, but quickly realized it was not only necessary, but also extremely rewarding!

Some students even thrive in a virtual format.

Ever since, we have been refining our online practice. We have continued to find ways to make our online interactions just as good as in-person ones, if not better. You can read Sophie’s personal testimony about providing virtual services here.

In New York City, lots of businesses are re-opening. But we know not everyone feels comfortable putting themselves and their children at risk just yet, and hybrid services can make things feel inconsistent.

We are committed to providing a safe and reliable alternative to families who want to minimize risk and maintain peace of mind.

We also offer asynchronous services for clients and students who need more flexibility. This is great for families with unpredictable schedules, those juggling hybrid school and activities, or clients who have difficulty sustaining engagement for a full virtual session. You can engage with videos and guided independent exercises at your own pace! Fill out a consultation form for more information.