Music Therapy

We offer private music therapy sessions to kids of all ages and abilities.

Our therapists operate from a person-centered approach and use music interventions that are backed by scientific data to address skills like executive function, socialization, and communication. We tailor each session and treatment plan to the individual child to make sure their unique needs are being met.

Please inquire for rates.

*Please note that your session time includes ~5 minutes for the therapist’s documentation time.

Private, one-on-one music therapy provides an opportunity for your child to build skills in targeted goal areas while participating in engaging music activities. A typical session might involve exploration of instruments, collaborative improvisation, singing, and moving to music, among other experiences. Operating from a child-centered approach and informed by evidence-based techniques, we use music to engage and motivate clients to achieve their goals. All interventions are customized based on each client’s unique needs, and our therapists are always modifying in the moment to sustain engagement.

Private music therapy may be a good fit for your child if they have a diagnosis and/or exhibit attention deficit or social or communication challenges, and you’d like them to have an engaging and fun way to build these skills. Contact us with specific questions and for insight into how we might meet your individual needs!