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We are a team of music therapists serving Brooklyn and the surrounding areas. We offer clinical, educational, and consulting services for all ages and neurotypes.

All of our services are virtual – both live and asynchronous! Read more about our approach to virtual services here.

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Fall 2021 is around the corner, and we are open for pre-enrollment! Learn more about our Fall specials here, and check out our calendar for holiday closures here.

What is music therapy?

Music Therapy is an allied health field in which board-certified music therapists help people build life skills. Music therapy can address skills across social, cognitive, sensorimotor, and communication domains! You can read more here.

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Brooke Slemmer and Sophie Kohn are board-certified music therapists and the co-founders of NeuroMotif. With a combined 14 years of experience, they are both passionate about delivering humanistic services with a data-driven foundation to a neurodiverse clientele. Read more!


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