Introducing our Summer Music Fundamentals Group

We are getting ready for summer, and I’m so excited to tell you about our Music Fundamentals group today! This class is open for children 4-5 years old (give or take–if your child is just outside the range we can definitely accommodate you). We’ll be learning some of the basics of music to get your child ready for private lessons on their preferred instrument in the future.

As Brooke mentioned in a previous blog post, there are so many advantages to virtual groups. We’re able to welcome students from all over, and get some really valuable face-time without the restrictions that come with in-person meetings. Our groups are 30 minutes, so that we don’t add too much screen time to your child’s day, and so that we can maximize attention and engagement.

So, what is this virtual class about?

Music Fundamentals covers just that–I’ll be taking students through the foundational concepts of music in a fun and age-appropriate setting. We’ll cover beginner music theory, including recognizing notes and symbols on the staff, and learn how to read simple sheet music. This will give your children a jumpstart on what they’ll likely learn if they sign up for private lessons in the future, or even what they’ll see in their school music classes.

In addition to theory, we will also dive into some ear training. Ear training involves connecting theory concepts with what we hear, such as matching pitch vocally or identifying the distance between two notes. I like to approach ear training through accessible games that simultaneously encourage kids to work on turn-taking, waiting, attention, and other important developmental skills. 

What will my child come out of the class knowing?

Participants will leave the class knowing how to:

  • Recognize notes on the treble staff
  • Identify note values and read simple rhythms
  • Sing back simple phrases
  • Hear and identify basic intervals

Most importantly, the curriculum will be tailored to the needs of the children who enroll in the group. Depending on each student’s unique interests and abilities, I may modify the activities that I bring in. My biggest goal is to get everyone excited about learning music and set your child up for success in whatever type of instruction they choose to pursue in the future. 

Have any questions? Reach out anytime. I can’t wait to meet you and get your children started with music!

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