Music Therapy for Kids with ADHD

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, better known as ADHD, is characterized by atypical executive functioning and sensory needs. It is a complex neurotype that we are learning more and more about all the time! And, we are always thinking of new ways to use music therapy to support our clients who have ADHD. No two peopleContinue reading “Music Therapy for Kids with ADHD”

The Neurodiversity Affirming Model: What is it?

Differences are normal. The Neurodiversity affirming model is based on the idea that everyone has differences in the way they think and interact with the world. There’s nothing inherently wrong with having a disability or being neurodivergent. The problems arise when society won’t accommodate for differences in needs. Who is neurodivergent? The term “neurodivergent” refersContinue reading “The Neurodiversity Affirming Model: What is it?”

Music Therapy for Children with Autism

You may have heard about the strong correlation between diagnoses of Autism Spectrum Disorder and a great affinity for music. Many children with autism have been noted to have an echoic memory for music, natural musical ability, or even perfect pitch. So, it should not be surprising to hear that Music Therapy for children withContinue reading “Music Therapy for Children with Autism”

Music Therapy, Explained

I’m a music therapist. And announcing my occupation, most of the time, requires an explanation. The thing is, there is really no short explanation, which is pretty much the only thing that frustrates me about what I do. I was at a friend’s birthday party recently, and as always, the dreaded question came up fromContinue reading “Music Therapy, Explained”