A Sneak Peek at our Summer Parent-and-Me Group

I am so excited to tell you about our Summer Parent-and-Me Group happening Saturdays on Zoom, starting July 2021! It’s open to children 6 months to 3 years, but we will always leave some wiggle room if your child is just outside that range. I am looking forward to leading you and your baby through fun music activities that involve movement, games, and more!

What’s great about a virtual group, in addition to the absolute social distancing, is that you can Zoom in from anywhere. So even though we are based in Brooklyn, we already have some kids joining us from out of town. If you have instruments at home, or anything that makes a satisfying noise, I will help you find a way to incorporate it. We keep the group to 30 minutes to make sure your baby or toddler won’t get overloaded with screen time, but Zoom happens to be an ideal platform for toddlers to study each others’ faces, which kids love to do! This is a nice change from in-person groups where masks are required and serious face-time isn’t possible.

So what’s going to happen in this virtual group?

First and foremost, we’re going to make music together, and make sure that we’re having a lot of fun doing it. Secretly, I’ll be focusing on early childhood development skills, like…

  • counting
  • ABC’s
  • turn-taking
  • and emotion identification…

but you and your child will be focused on singing, laughing, and making new virtual friends.

Egg shakers are cheap at your local music store, and also easy to make on your own!

What else can you expect?

With children of all ages (babies, too!) I love to incorporate sign language and other visuals. There have been lots of studies that show combining ASL with speech and singing can really kick-start language development. And that includes spoken language! I’ve worked with some parents who fear that leaning into sign might hinder language acquisition, but the data shows the opposite. Surprisingly young kids are able to approximate the signs, and quickly too!

The group will include multi-sensory music activities that encourage kids to…

  • practice paying attention
  • listen actively
  • take turns
  • and communicate effectively.

I will combine old favorites (like the ABCs and popular counting games) with NeuroMotif originals aimed at specific things like naming colors and identifying emotions.

If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Above all, we want this group to be meaningful for you, and each participant’s individual needs will help shape exactly how the group will unfold. I can’t wait to meet you and lead you and your child in song!

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